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Bible Journaling

Taste and See that HE is Good!

September 29, 2017

In the midst of going through a really difficult time, have you ever had anyone tell you “thank God for this situation”. Or “God has a purpose for you...

Ranch Life

Dog Training and Choices

September 18, 2017

Training a dog is easy…when you make it FUN and by using choices!I love training! I love training most when Cruz is doing what he loves. Agility or he...

Bible Journaling

I Have A Decision To Make

September 16, 2017

As I sit here with my Frankincense oil and my cup of yummy Pumpkin Cream tea reading my bible, the Lord brought something to my mind as my heart is st...

Ranch Life

Top 10 Herbs for Horses

September 11, 2017

As you all can tell, we like to do things naturally around our ranch. So feeding our horses sugar treats is just not gonna happened! We have 10 favori...


Why I chose Rocky Mountain Essential Oils

September 11, 2017

First of all, there are many essential oils out there that are good. There are many that are not. I am not an expert on this area, but found resources...


Dreamy Creamy Pumpkin Tea

September 7, 2017

This dreamy recipe is so easy and you can even make it easier by already buying the blend already to go!I personally choose to purchase each ingredien...


Easy Horse Treats

September 5, 2017

Our boys just love treats! We do many tricks with these guys so we always like to reward them for going the extra mile. We do not treat our boys by ha...


Ranch Style Ribs

September 4, 2017

Making Ranch ribs:First I prepare the ribs with a rub. I like to use fresh herbs if available so I will begin with those. 2 Tablespoons of fresh cours...

Herb Basket

Top 10 Herbs Our Horses Love

August 28, 2017

We like to do things naturally as much as we are able around our ranch. Feeding our horses sugar treats is just not an option so researching and under...


TOO Die for Peach Cobbler!

August 23, 2017

My man just loves cobbler! He loves any kind, cherry, strawberry, doesn’t matter…but he ADORES peach cobbler! I have made many variations of this famo...



August 22, 2017

The leaves turn color and so do our minds towards the upcoming school year. Are you preparing for what is ahead with germs and sickness? Are you prepa...


Art of Tea Brewing and Blending

August 18, 2017

  First you need to make your blend of herbs.I began with a simple blend of my favorite herbs.1 Cup Hibiscus½ cup Raspberry Leaf¼- 1/3 Cup Rose Hips2 ...


Bugs on HERBS…Yikes!

August 16, 2017

I went to do some harvesting today and found those little brown bugs on my herbs! So I googled away some ideas and this one so far has been the best o...

Bible Journaling

Are you an “Approved Worker”?

August 8, 2017

August 8, 20172 Timothy 2: 15-21Are you a hard worker? Do you struggle to stay focused while on the job? Have you ever gone on Face book, or “went sho...

Ranch Life

Enjoying the HOT Temps!

August 3, 2017

Enjoying the heat today out in the lake! The BOYS love the water and of course it helps cool us all off! We bring the boys in the evening when the boa...


Hibiscus Raspberry Bubble Tea Smoothie

August 1, 2017

OOO if you LOVE smoothies you will find this recipe amazing! AND if you have never tired BUBBLE TEA well let me tell ya…YUM!!! A smoothie with a littl...


Everything Cherry!

June 2, 2017

I just love making cards on rainy days! Playing with this set with the cherries and other fruit just makes it seem a little brighter! I started to mak...


Tears of Hope

May 18, 2017

I had a session today with a young teen. It wasn’t as joyful as I thought it would be as her story was filled with pain and no hope.  Pain that ...


Growing Herbs for Your Animals

May 17, 2017

Whether you have a large yard space, a small four-foot by four-foot plot, or a windowsill, you can grow a healing garden for your animal(s). Some anim...

Bible Journaling

Getting Started with Bible Journaling

May 16, 2017

Bible journaling is an exciting way to engage with Scripture. It can transform the way you spend time in the Word and it all begins within the margins...

Ranch Life

5 Health Benefits of Thyme

May 16, 2017

The most common form of thyme has the scientific name Thymus vulgaris, and is an evergreen shrub that has been used in medicinal and culinary applicat...


Healing Through Scripture

May 16, 2017

Life isn’t always happiness and joy – there are times when you need powerful prayers for healing and for change. The Bible speaks often of...


Ranch Style Fritters

May 16, 2017

Dan is an amazing cook! And when it comes to deep frying he is in his element…except it isn’t always the healthiest way to eat so….I try to inspire hi...


Doing Dishes Naturally!

May 16, 2017

Dirty dishes! YUK! Glass that I love getting all foggy like even though the package says it won’t streak! Well, so done with that I am making my own! ...


Ministry Life

May 16, 2017

This is the heart of ranch life. living for Jesus and sharing the love of Jesus with the brokenhearted! Many come to the ranch to enjoy the horses, by...

Ranch Life

Ranch Life

May 16, 2017

Ranch life is living a life that uses as much of what the Lord provides as possible. Letting our horses live in an environment with natural trees, no ...


Something Special

April 16, 2017

Ever feel just overwhelmed with gratitude? I sure have this month! I have been making up some of these cards to be ready for the supporters that give ...


Pleading Fervently and Reaching

March 28, 2017

Mark 5:21-39This bible passage is overwhelming me right now! It’s our son’s 20th and here is why.Imagine Jairus, a leader of the local syn...


Get Well Tea

March 19, 2017

March 19, 2017If you suffer from allergies, or feel a little something coming on, turn to tea and essential oils! It works for me EVERY TIME!The key b...

Healthy Eating

Spring is HERE!

March 14, 2017

I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Starting in February I took all the egg shells we have been collecting and began filling them with dirt. I plan...