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Health, Healthy Eating
The leaves turn color and so do our minds towards the upcoming school year. Are you preparing for what is ahead with germs and sickness? Are you preparing your home right now to get your family ready to fight off germs? It all begins with a healthy lifestyle and eating right. In our family, we use supplements to help our bodies fight off any internal issues. We do love our Plexus! Next, I make sure that our home is clean of chemical type supplies. We use natural cleaning supplies from our dishes to our bathrooms, to our laundry, and even clean air. Using a diffuser with Immune Strength essential oil sets up our family to fight off those germs in the air. I even have them in their rooms! We also spray bed sheets with some wonderful blends mixed with filtered water. The smell is amazing and will help them sleep as well!  You can try other blends for bed sprays like the Flu Time,  Eucalyptus and Peppermint.   If you love to experiment, I suggest blending many different oils that you enjoy the fragrance. There are so many to choose from and everyone has their favorites. So give it a whirl! I love having an extra jug of electrolyte tea as well. I give them this as a boost to their breakfast and will also give them after school.  If they are coming down with something, I will add a drop or two of tinctures that I have made up to put in their tea. Many of the tinctures I have on hand include, cold and flu fighters. Those recipes are below as well. Clean your bathroom…BIG germ collector… I fill old Parmesan cheese container 1/2 baking soda and your 20+ drops of Immune Strength essential oil. PERFECT for also cleaning your tub, shower, and sinks. Take that same oil and put into a  4 oz spray bottle adding 20 drops of essential oil and you have a great spray to clean your countertops. Take that same powder and sprinkle on your carpets than vacuum…TADA…your own carpet cleaner too. For your kitchen: Essential oils I love to mix into a spray bottleBlack Pepper, Lemon, Citrus Passion, (also wonderful in your water), and Lime. I keep them under our sink ready to clean and bring a freshness to your kitchen. Try this wonderful Electrolyte Tea! You will want to have these ingredients on hand ALL year long!  The awesome flavor too!  From my favorite Bulk Herb store.

What are Electrolytes?

“Electrolytes are minerals found naturally in the body, such as potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium. Electrolytes are needed to keep the body’s balance of fluids at the proper level and to maintain normal functions, such as heart rhythm, muscle contraction, and brain function.” – www.everydayhealth.com “Your cells use electrolytes to maintain the proper electrical currents between your muscles and nerves. They are needed to keep your nerves connecting properly to each other and to keep your muscles from contracting and causing cramps. They keep your body from breaking down when you work it! When we sweat, our bodies lose electrolytes. Kiddos especially need to be kept hydrated and full of electrolytes through the summer to keep their energy levels steady, and to keep their minds and bodies strong!” ENERGY TEA

7 Cups – Hibiscus Orange Delight Tea 2-4 Tbsp. Raw Honey/Maple Syrup 1/2 tsp. Celtic Sea Salt 1 tsp. Calcium/Magnesium Powder Make the Herbal Tea as directed, remove from heat and add the rest of the ingredients. Stir until everything is thoroughly combined with the tea. Refrigerate until cold! Enjoy keeping your family healthy during the transition from your home to the outside world of germs! Love deeper, talk sweeter and God bless you! Lee