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I love what I do.  I love serving my community.  I love justice.  I love trying to make a difference.  But in the process it can take a toll on my body.  I have to confess, when I came home this week because of an injury I was on  daily doses of Aleve to releive my wrist pain.  

But in this household at the ranch, that was the WRONG thing to say.  

My mom quickly told me to get rid of those harmful pain relievers and to try some oils and some tea blends

Being the good daughter I am, I did. I really don’t like filling my body with bad, harmful over the counter meds, so I didn’t hesitate. 

I didn’t have any pain all day. Second day…same…and so on. Just by rubbing the oils onto my wrist I had no pain and instant relief. 

On a beautiful day which is rare here in Minnesota in November, we went for a ride. On the ride a headache was coming on. As we put the horses, away my mom made up some of her headache tea, and by the end of the cup it was gone. I tell you, it just amazes me how I think going to my medicine cabinet is faster and better, when in reality taking the time to make up some hot tea and grabbing essential oils is not only better for me, but really just as easy. 

The essential oils I used for pain relief are: German  Chamomile, Sweet Marjoram, and
Juniper Berry.  Other blends that help are Relieve Me and Pain Ease, both of which also help with headaches.  

I can’t wait to try their new Complete Relief for tension and muscles for my long days or workouts on the job!

Hope you will try these oils verse the over the counter drugs. So much better for you and they WORK!

Stay safe, take the back, and God Speed…