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Giving a gift with a purpose that is made with the love of your hands is just plain ol’ the best! No fancy words here…it is just simply the best gift you can give. No matter the celebration, when you make it the meaning is stamped; homemade in love! When you give a gift of purposes like making up your own blend of teas, bath and body ointments, albums, bible journaling supplies, etc…your giving something that will be encouraging good health and wellness. From the inside out! If your first thought of making homemade gifts is coming across as cheap. Well, let me tell you first hand, it isn’t cheap when you take precious time to make a gift versus going to a mall or online and purchasing a gift. Plus, using all natural ingredients in cooking, or cosmetics is anything BUT cheap! In the past several years, I have made gifts from blankets, wood crafts, to a special Christmas where I took pictures my dad was going to throw away and made individual albums for each of my siblings. There are seven of us. It took me 6 months to make those albums and I wouldn’t trade the long nights or cost for anything. That Christmas still holds dear to my heart watching the faces and the tears as each sibling went back into their childhood to precious memories. Giving a homemade gift is truly a gift of love. I believe that with all my heart! So I have created this blog to some of my favorites. Remember any items you purchase by the links or on the websites on this blog the funds help support our ministry at www.truenorthranch.org Thank you! 1.) Photo Album Ideas: Make for individuals in your life or a special event: Make up a KIT! Kids, grandkids…love this! Buy your album base, scallop clear album or a flip flop. I love these too by Bo Bunny. We have made Love, Friend, Family, and Believe.  Maya Road makes fun mini albums and accessories too. Add ribbon, background paper, bling, whatever the theme to complete the project. I loved making one with a memory of my dad who I knew wouldn’t be with me long. Sure enough, the Lord brought him home 7 months later. GOOD thing I made a small album memory. Flip Flop is my daughters from 2007! She loved putting memories and favorites into a cute little look. Using this product made an incredible finish, quick and easy too! Once you decorate your plaque like your creating a scrapbook page, you just pour this mix on top and dry for 24 hours. AWESOME gift! 2.) Stocking Stuffers: Candy bar Snowman: Tea, Cocoa, or Coffee: Make a special blend of tea and put into a mason jar. Label and put decorative fabric on the lid. I also made up individual tea bags using organic muslin bags for a cup of tea. Ornaments Bible journaling goodies from Dayspring 3.) A  gift of HIS Word cost $10-$60 Depending on if you need to purchase a bible for this your cost will fluctuate. Dayspring has many ideas here from coloring tools, stickers, to just getting started kits. You can have stocking stuffers of smaller items like the pom poms and paper clips, and a gold gift with your bible and markers or gel pens. The BEST GIFT to give us this gift of HIS word! If you have a young person or teen in your life, this is wonderful! 4.) Quilts, blankets No-sew blankets, quilts, and simple baby comfy and chalk mat 5.) Country Tree 6.) Lip Balm, Salves, and soaps (all using essential oils and herbs of course…NO icky fillers) Lip balm is wonderful! 7. Bath bubbles amazing aroma! WHEW! Lots of love here! Hope some ideas sparked for you to make your every day giving a little more special! God’s blessings upon you! Love deeper, talk sweeter, Lee