Craft Room Details

Ooo laaa laaa! This craft room has become my room for sure! My room with its brightness and special touches has truly made crafting so much more delightful in every way! I love how not only the windows puts a smile on your face, but the paint choice, the day bed, and small details just bring a sense of peace. I still have a cute light I found to yet install. It’s on back order, but fits my whimsy style. I will take a picture when it’s installed so check back. My hubby is also adding a shelving with drawers that will go under the desk he made. This will help take some of the clutter on the desk into the easy access drawers. Lastly, I will be having a friend paint a verse on the wall. She can’t make it until January but she did the rest of our home and can’t wait how she will finish this very special part of the room. Doing my morning devotionals on my day bed and looking up at the verse will surely start my day with HIS faithfulness and love. Enjoy the pictures of the room. It really was fun to create and now…inspiration and creation will be easily sparked in this whimsy craft room! New Craft Room New Craft Room

 Craft Room Detail

My friend Lori painted this…so cute!

Craft room detailThe verse makes this chair! Lovin’ it! New Craft RoomSo this room has defiant character don’t you think? The last touches… New Craft Room And my lamp. I decided not to even sew this lamp shade as the heart pins on the top are too adorable…so I kept them on. Now…time to craft! Bye for now! I’ll keep the light on for ya if you want to join me! I have an extra chair or two! Love deeper, talk sweeter, Lee