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Homestead Ranch Blog


Mitch is Regaining Strength…

January 19, 2020

No tube…more freedom For some of you who are specifically on a mailing, we update as soon as we have news on our son Mitch. He recently had his ...


Cricut Maker Crazy

January 16, 2020

I love this New Toy! Last summer Dan (my man), got into his head how fun it would be to make things to sell in our Tack Shack and Hoedown at the ranch...


French Pastry Delight

January 15, 2020

Enjoyment of Cooking Together With Dan being home full time and winter in high gear we both enjoy doing many things together. We love trail rides in t...


Scratchy Throat Tea

January 10, 2020

Itchy Throat and Congestion Most of December and part of January I have been battling a cough. It turned into a pretty nasty cold but once I made this...


New Year…New Hopes

January 2, 2020

Today brings joy On Christmas eve we celebrated our Lord Jesus’ birthday thanking HIM for coming from a perfect place in the heavens to save us!...


Refreshing Winter Salad

December 29, 2019

This salad is so simple and so worth serving to your family or in your entertaining. It just takes a few ingredients and a whole lot of herbs to leave...


New Trading Post and Workshop 2020

December 29, 2019

A 2020 Vision for Ranch We are in the planning stages of building a new place for creating projects with the kids and then selling them in the trading...


Homemade Eggnog…Cooked

December 28, 2019

Cooked vs. Raw It has been many years since I tried making this wonderful beverage homemade and the last time I did it was raw. I used fresh farm chic...


2020 Will Give Us New Vision

December 11, 2019

Bye Bye 2019 Yes, 2019 was defiantly a year I am ready to say goodbye to, yet the Lord Jesus did So much in the midst of the bad it really outweighed ...


Chewy Toffee Almond Bars

December 4, 2019

OOO sooo good Being a part of a church family means lots of church potlucks which means for me, collecting fantastic recipes. This one is just one of ...


Hungarian Mushroom Soup

December 3, 2019

I know…it is a bit unhealthy We had a wonderful restaurant a few years back called Sibley Station. It was tucked in the heart of a small town by...


A Spark of Thanks!

December 3, 2019

Thanksgiving this year took on a WHOOOOLLLLEEE new meaning!Yep! For us when you almost lose a loved one to mental illness, struggles with ministry nee...


My Favorite Gifts Don’t Need To Be Unwrapped

December 2, 2019

Gift Giving Do you find shopping or making gifts a delightful time? Is it more of a “chore”? Let me challenge you as you shop or decide to...

Ranch Life

Kitchen Remodel YIKES!

November 20, 2019

The Beginning thoughts… Way back over a year ago I was visualizing a new kitchen. Mostly because the counter was falling apart and I struggled t...


Does Worry Get You Anywhere​?

November 19, 2019

Battle of worry Worry really is a daily thing for most of us. I can try and try to not let something bother me, but it creeps up and becomes a place I...


Soup to Kick The Bug

November 18, 2019

Feeling Icky? The temps are dropping really fast around this Minnesota state! We hit 1 above this morning and I was feeling a cold coming on. Drained ...


Trading Post Items for Sale

October 25, 2019

Hey all, Trading Post We have some unique-gift giving items below still available. If you’re interested in any to purchase, just email me at tnr...


For Lover’s of Rhubarb

June 1, 2019

Oh my do I love this stuff! Fortunately we have a lady in our church who grows a TON of rhubarb and has bags and bags of it for us to take…I see...

Bible Journaling

Along an Unfamiliar Way

May 30, 2019

Scary Time The past 2 months have been the scariest time of my life! The unknowns of walking with my hubby who faced a breakdown for major stress. Wha...

Bible Journaling

Horse and Girl Stamps Perfect for Ministry!

April 4, 2019

Horse’s and girls… During our Midwest Bounty event, we had some down time and one of the ranches brought a box of cards one of their suppo...


Elderberry Gummy Recipe

March 29, 2019

Yummy Gummy Oh so yummy is this too die for recipe! Why? Because #1 it’s good for you and #2 it’s ELDERBERRY Syrup in a yummy gummy form! ...


Midwest Bounty Round Up​ 2019

March 26, 2019

The Vision In March of 2018, I was experiencing some uneasiness in my personal life. My husband was working more and more trapped into a business that...


No Ticks Land on Me or My Animals…Amazing

March 25, 2019

Seems Impossible Yep, I know. Just the title can seem like ok…weird…but what if it’s true? Just by one simple thing to try and exper...


Lyme’s Disease Summit Free!

March 14, 2019

SUBJECT: Learn the symptoms and healing protocols for Lyme! SUBJECT: Did you know: most who contract Lyme don’t get it from a tick? SUBJECT: Lea...


Turkey Sausage with Pasta

March 10, 2019

Oh so yummy Fabulous dinner and in 30 minutes you will have an awesome meal for you and your family. I love simple, quick and of course fresh with hom...


Easy DIY Pillow Sham

February 23, 2019

So simple I began sewing just a few years ago. So simple and easy is super important to me. I love this idea of just making a casing for the pillow as...


Real Ginger Ale Fresh and Healthy

February 17, 2019

Say bye bye soda In Minnesota, we call soda pop…but, either way, this is a beverage full of sugar and fake colors that eat away your gut flora. ...


Tea for Two

February 13, 2019

Tea is sure my thing There is no doubt I love tea! I love making my own blends to preparing specific teas for illness and building immune systems. I l...


Big HUG Homemade Cards Are the Best!

February 4, 2019

Big Hug Card Why do I love this card so much? Well, I really believe all homemade cards really give the receiver just one big HUG! I used the Paper Hu...


Let it Ride

February 4, 2019

Letting Go…Let it Ride Facing situations with people that are just plain annoying can really eat at your thoughts. Recently I was in a meeting w...

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