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DIY peppermint candy spoons with a twist is easy and will add to any Hot Chocolate or Coffee bar a perfect stir stick with a burst of flavor! I love how these turned out and with all the candy cane flavors now days…well TWIST away!

Our daughter had a day off and it will be awhile before she has another, so I invited her over for our chocolate bomb making day. Last year was our first time trying this fun adventure so we will now make it a yearly tradition! They really do make great gifts and now we have the mug maker to add the bombs with a personal mug to make one great gift!

I had an itch to do a little something extra this time. I found this silicone spoon maker at the craft store and well…it got me thinking…how awesome it would be to make candy cane spoon stir sticks! What really got my juices rolling was when I went down the Walmart isle and saw the tons of different KIND of candy canes to pull this idea together. Whoa! I bet there were 6 different flavors!

I got the traditional flavor but I got a new one, raspberry. What got me was the color. My two favorite color combo, pink and brown and did they every turn out adorable!

They are not only pretty, but amazing flavor!

Twisted Spoon Stir Sticks


  • Simple…your flavor of candy cane smashed in a zip lock baggy
  • place crushed candy in silicone spoon pan
  • make sure they are firmly in the spoon and scrap as much off the edge and sides into the spoon
  • place in 300 degree oven for 8-12 minutes
  • once well melted, place pan aside to allow to cool completely
  • pop out and place in cello bag with a twist tie

For an added bonus:

I use Wilson melted discs, melt in microwave for 30 seconds, stir until smooth and dipped each spoon into chocolate and white chocolate. As it is still warm you can dip the spoon with the chocolate into some sprinkles or gold dust to add color and more fun.

Yours will be so much better

By making your own and using all the different flavors the stores provide you will create some awesome twisted sitr sticks to add to your Hot Chocolate Bar or gift. If you have kids or grand kids they will especially love to dip the spoons and make them sparkle with sprinkles and who knows what else!

Here is another creative way without the silicone

I like both ideas…

Whichever one you make it will be great! Enjoy! They really are fun AND EASY!

Love deeper, talk sweeter,