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8 DIY Ways to Start Seedlings!

Do you need to try and keep the cost down while creating your herb and veggie gardens? Well, here are some tips on getting started with simple DIY’s to start your seedlings.

First, you need to plan on how many herbs and veggies you want. Make a plan sketching out your garden or gardens. Some folks have flower beds, herb gardens, and a veggie garden. For all my seeds I go HERE

Once you have decided on how many you will need to begin saving and prepping for your seed homes. Here are some suggestions to get you started. NO COST DIYs! That’s the best part!

1) Eggs shells: this is my favorite way to plant seeds. I love that they are a perfect size and of course it is compost so just put right into the ground when ready to plant. Easy and no cost!

Egg Shell seedlings
Egg Shells

2) Paper Rolls: You will need 1 full sheet of newspaper, tear along the fold. Next fold in half lengthwise. Grab a drinking glass and place it halfway on the paper. (picture) Roll and tape bottom and side. Nice size for larger plants like tomato starter.

3) Toilet Paper Rolls: Take a roll of either toilet or paper towels and cut in half. The paper towel I can get 3 rolls. Fold bottom over (picture) and ready to go!

Toilet paper roll seeds
Toilet Paper Roll
Toilet roll 2
Fold in one end
toilet paper roll
Squish down tight.
Toilet paper rolls
YEAH! Done!

4) Recycled pots and trays from past purchases: Buying flowers or other items I have kept the containers and now can use as starters. Love the smaller ones!

Containers planting
Recycled containers

5) Egg cartons: The paper egg cartons are great for starting your seedlings. You just have to cut them apart and then plant right into the ground carton and all. Easy Peasy!

6) Hallowed out oranges, lemons, limes, or avocadoes: Gonna try this one! I haven’t done this before but will this year!

7) Old yogurt containers or any small containers: Sure have plenty of these around or containers with no matching lids. What the heck? Where do those go?

Old Containers
Old containers

8) Go to your local nursery for their leftover pots or planters: This is my favorite as our local person knows as well as we give them our manure. They always have tons of plastic seed starters they want to get rid of.

Old Nursery containers
Nursery hammy downs
Old nursery containers
Old hammy downs

I’m READY to start the planting process. Oh, the sun is shining bright today!

Green house
Our greenhouse!

Try some of these ideas to help keep your costs down. If you have any suggestions or other ideas, I would love to see them! Post them below!

Happy Spring and happy planting!
God’s blessings,
Love deeper, talk sweeter,