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A Trail Ride I Don’t Want to go on again…

Anointing of oil. I read this article and found it fascinating on two accounts. One the meaning behind the verse and two its meaning behind my life this past year.

Psalm 23 “He anoints my head with oil.”

“Sheep can get their head caught in briers and die trying to get untangled. There are horrid little flies that like to torment sheep by laying eggs in their nostrils which turn into worms and drive the sheep to beat their head against a rock, sometimes to death. Their ears and eyes are also susceptible to tormenting insects. So the shepherd anoints their whole head with oil. Then there is peace. That oil forms a barrier of protection against the evil that tries to destroy the sheep. Do you have times of mental torment? Do the worrisome thoughts invade your mind over and over? Do you beat your head against a wall trying to stop them? Have you ever asked God to anoint your head with oil? He has an endless supply! His oil protects and makes it possible for you to fix your heart, mind, and eyes on Him today and always! There is peace in the valley! May our good good Father anoint your head with oil today so that your cup overflows with blessings! God is good and He is faithful!!”

Mental Torment

I saw the date when this article was posted, April 10. How ironic it is the very next day after my husband sold his share of the business and when our world spiraled in a downward spin. How true it is when we worry SO much how the mind can be trapped into believing lies. My husband’s mental breakdown wasn’t overnight or just in the signing of papers, it began many months before hand and even over a course of a few years. TIME. Deeper and deeper the pain he was feeling of overwhelming work, stress of day to day tasks, plus ministry growth, all took its tole on his mind. The peace he needed was HIS Shepherd’s anointing. He didn’t seek it. He didn’t talk through his troubles. So the enemy had his way…but only for awhile. Praise GOD!

It’s fall now. We have had an amazing summer of ministry serving over 350 kids and adults in need…some the same thing we just went through. We just got done with our fundraiser, Harvest Hoedown, which was wonderful! The band Kent Dudley and Bended Knee were awesome and the demos the children did touched all of us as they shared what horses do for their troubled life. Dan is 100% better…only because his head was indeed anointed with the Shepherd’s oil. PEACE and JOY is back in my man. He says when one is dealing with trouble mind of doubt, stress, of simple pressures of the world, one MUST turn to the Lord for HELP and receive HIS promise of healing. It all can be ok again when we call on our Savior!

Heading Down the Trail of Peace

I look at this passage in scripture in a whole new way now. It shouldn’t surprise me that His word speaks directly to my heart as it is the very reason I have the relationship I do with my Jesus. His word DOES speak to me directly. In the very times of need and in refreshment afterwards. The trail ride of peace is what I always want to be on but unfortunately it can’t be on this side of heaven. Because of sin, because or MY sin, there will always be times of torment. But I can confidently know it won’t last forever as my Jesus has paid the price for my sins and will one day be in HIS peaceful arms. In times of trials, I will CHOOSE to ride the trail of being in His word which does indeed give the “peace that passes all understanding.”

Dancing’ at the Harvest Hoedown 2019!

Until next time,

Love deeper, talk sweeter and live peacefully receiving Jesus’ anointed oil of peace,