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Christmas Boxes Ideas and Great Craft

Every year we have the opportunity to make a Christmas box for Operation Christmas Child. This organization is so well put together and I love how it opens the door for families to work together in making a box full of things a child will need. It is also a wonderful opportunity to teach giving to your children. A longtime tradition around here. Not only putting it together but making something homemade brings a more special joy for the giver and the receiver! This year I got the idea of doing this chalk mat from of all the great ideas on Pinterest. When I was shopping online, I saw these chalk markers. Of course with this idea in my head, I had to get them! Traditionally we make up a box or two every year, but since our children are now grown, it is harder to get in the spirit of this activity. Also doing it as a couple is just well…different. So I had to think of something I could sew. I got busy creating this mat and with some extra of this plastic stuff I had around from making purses years ago, this was perfect to add to the mat. Here is the layout for doing this play mat. It is wonderful for kids to carry around too by adding a handle on the end. Step 1.Cut one piece of your chalk fabric 10’x 13.5″ Step 2 Cut 2 Pieces of 12’x20 your fabric 1 piece of 5″ x 12″ vinyl Step 3 Cut one piece of 12″ x 20″ fusible fleece Step 4 After cutting your pieces next iron your fabric to the fleece Step 5 Pin chalk onto fabric.  Next, sew onto your fabric I used a zig zag stitch Another look: Step 6  Place a small bias tape on edge of vinyl and sew. I used leftover fabric. Put vinyl in place and clothes pins to hold Sew in place Step 7 Once you have the above bias on the vinyl and the vinyl sewn down the center creating 2 pockets you are ready to put the 2 fabrics right sides together and pin. Leave a hole so you can turn it back right side out. Step 8 Once you have turned it back out, sew your open hole shut by hand. I also added a ribbon at the top and a little handle on the end in case it is hung on something in a car or a room. You can use chalk or chalk markers. I just love this idea and hope I was clear enough. If not, please let me know! God’s blessing and happy crafting! Love deeper, talk sweeter, Lee