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Crafting in Quarantine!

Crafting in Quarantine really helps the mind and soul! I enjoy thinking of others facing so much isolation and am always thankful I have a hobby.

Like most people in the world being cooped up means finding things to do. We have no problem around our ranch as there is A LOT to do always. But with this new way of life it has caused more time than usual, so my daughter and I got to play with a set that was given to us as a gift.


My favorite thing to play with when using images like this set is to watercolor. The Gelatos were my pick for most of the cards as I love the shine and brightness. You will need a watercolor painter too and my choice is this one because of the control of how much water goes onto your project. Also, the variety of sizes is awesome for detailed images you may have. I did do one card with the watercolor pencils. I really like the shine with the Gelatos but it was fun to experiment.

Card done by Honey Bee stamps
All made with Cricut Maker…

Another great card maker is THE Maker!

I have lived years in card making and have never invested in the Cricut…but in 2019 my hubby bought me one. I tell ya…my world turned upside down with all the fun things you can do and do with precise accuracy! My Cricut Maker, which I recommend is the best of all the machines, and having the Cricut access is worth its weight in gold. The fonts they give you and how you can use pens for your own sayings save SO much in stamps! Really…why did it take me so long? Geez!

The never-ending background paper especially from this online store, really offers some great variety.

The set is from They have some wonderful watercolor sets.

Enjoy creating and sending some love to others!

Giving a pick me up gift for a dear friend living alone.

Love deeper, talk sweeter,