Ranch Life, The Boys

Enjoying the HOT Temps!

Enjoying the heat today out in the lake! The BOYS love the water and of course, it helps cool us all off! We bring the boys in the evening when the boats are not as active on the lake to make it peaceful for us and the horses. Boats buzzing by or making a ton of waves just sets up for the horses, our boys, to not be as relaxed in the water. So, we try and make the swim time later in the day. When we head out, usually Dan will be in his bareback pad and I often will be in a saddle. We have a little journey to get to the lake by taking either the ditch which is on a heavy traffic area or our road. The road can pose some problems as the cabins are really close to the road and spooks are more often than not are going to happen. So by taking the ditch, I like to be in a saddle. I am thankful for many of those journeys! Once we get to the lake the boys immediately relax! They do their little “raspberry” noise and know what’s coming.  We unsaddle, get into our suits, and let the boys play and paw in the water. We take it slow going in allowing us all to get used to the coldness. I sometimes will splash Bokoda just to begin the play mode with him. This is when he usually will lay down and roll around in the water. He then gets me wet as he splashes back! Can you believe you can play so much with a horse? It really is a joyful experience! Being in the water brings so much delight for us all. Cooling down to just playing and laughing together is such a need and a great end to our day. It’s always nice when we hit sunset time. The sky just makes the evening perfect. Being with my man and my boys. So fun! We enjoyed a wonderful time together and we provided a bit of entertainment for the late pontoons who all took delight in taking some pictures as well. So fun and they really do love it!

Bokoda LOVES the water!