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Homemade Key Chain Craz!

The homemade key chain craz is hitting the craft fairs big time this year and heading into 2022 I think it will remain a great gift idea as well as craft for kids and grandkids! Easy to make with your Cricut machine and some imagination. Making them personal is always a special touch.

I got busy this Christmas making key chains as we found some plexiglass in the barn. PERFECT for making this project and use it up in a wise way. Dan cut them up on his laser machine and I got busy pumping out both for our Trading Post at the ranch and for personal family and friends. I also like using them as tags for the outside of gift.

Here are just a few:

Made with background vinyl: Expressions Vinyl

Expressions Vinyl has all your heat and permanent vinyl needs! Love this company and FREE shipping with $49 or more. When you shop with them you will get your own inspirations for sure!

Many of the designs I got in Design Space. If you have a Cricut, it really is worth $10/mo to have this great feature! So easy to add your own ideas too.

Enjoy! You won’t want to stop! HA!

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