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Information and Video For Our Ministry

Below is an information Video for our ministry, True North Ranch. We can’t wait for Spring every year as we get so excited to meet new kids and families as well as adults! We also look forward to see old faces and joy fill the ranch again. Below we have a link to see our ministry video which will give you a glimpse of what we do, why, and of course give information if you want to sign up for a ranch session.

Kids love their special ranch sessions

Special bonding time on the ranch!

Below is a link for you to see what we are about! For you to know how to contact us if you know a child, family, or adult in need of healing and hope.Our Website,  Why we do a blog? We do this blog to inspire folks to live a simple, natural, well-balanced life and to share what we do here at our ranch. All our sessions are at NO COST to anyone! If you want to help, you can donate online on our website or Facebook, or you can purchase throughout this blog by clicking the banners. All that we earn from this blog GOES RIGHT BACK INTO the ministry to serve ones in need. The companies we represent on this blog Each company we have links so we took some serious time investigating. Other than Amazon, the companies represent what we believe in by living a healthy lifestyle and/or are companies we trust. Our ranch family wouldn’t recommend them if we thought they had poor service, the products are questionable, or bottom line gives you the quality you deserve. We purchase from each company ourselves and love what they produce. We hope you do too! I hope as you read along you will make comments and help me too! If you see something that isn’t right, please let me know! Our Bi-Weekly Ranch News Signing up for our newsletter will help spark ideas that are new on the ranch. Recently we started adding something from each category so some things may not interest you. But, we wanted a way to connect you to specials as well as some fun things we do around here.  So sign on up ya’ll! Thank you and may God bless you! Register for sessions or get a glimpse of us HERE!