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January Joy Ways to Fight the Blues

January joy is so needed in the states where the cold and gloomy days get super long. What better way to fight through the blues than bring in some joy! Anywhere from date nights to decorating your home in color with ambiance to boot! Here are some fun ways to boost your winter blues to joyful days!


Try and have a day to clean your home or work space. Really dust off the desks, launder and chairs or bedding including throw pillows, and organize as you put things back into place. Using essential oils freshens up a room and of course lifts your spirits as you clean. (Orange, Spearmint, and Lemon are wonderful together! I call it my joy blend) I choose the rooms I use the most, even if it’s only one, at least that one space brings in the joy and kicks out the blues! OH…turn up some TUNES and ROCK those blues away! Favorite blends for my “go to”.


Pick 4 dates stretched out in the month of January and February that you get out and do something with the one you love! My hubby and I love to ride, but not often will the temperatures fit that day out, so we plan a movie and dinner out, going out with friends, game nights, a short trip to an event or snowshoeing in the woods. Look at a calendar and pick out those adventures and mark them down! Having something fun to look forward to always keeps the mood up-lifting. One thing I want to add this year is dancing. (shhh, Dan’s not a fan…but hope to make a reality)

Fun Gift Ideas To Make

Making or putting together gifts for folks who are shut in’s or sick will bring you peace as well as fill your heart with joy! I like to have things on hand but of course a jar of homemade soup, bread, and a note in a basket may have to be a last minute throw together for a sick friend, but having soup ready in the freezer is a step to making sure you follow through. Here are a few of my go to’s:

Get well, mason jar full of soup, homemade herbal teas

Learn some tips on blending your own tea…HERE

Nothing like bread and infused rosemary olive oil and sparkling water with fresh lemon to brighten someones day!
In a box, ready for game night with friends. Nothing in here will go bad so it’s all set to go!
I made a cuddly easy sew blanket! Really…only took me 1/2 hour to sew! I call it my Yummy Bubblegum blanket.

Nothing like homemade items and of course my fav…cards! Always have a stash on hand for those special moments and needs! How to make Chocolate bombs, HERE.

Fighting the Blues IS to be taken seriously

Working with many folks in our ministry we find this time of year extra hard. Especially if one has faced a recent loss or battling an illness with themselves or a loved one. What makes it all the more challenging is the cold and how much easier it is for folks to isolate themselves.

If you have a relationship with Jesus you know who to go to in times of dire need and strength with extra time in prayer, meeting with other believers, and most importantly, growing in your bible time. It’s important to acknowledge when your feeling down and call up a friend to get together and share how you are feeling. A trusted person who can pray with you and do something out of the ordinary fun and refreshing as well as lead you to a safe place. Please…if you are still struggling, call a counseling center and meet weekly with a therapist. It’s never OK for you to continue going down a path of despair. Call for help and know YOU ARE LOVED by a MIGHTY KING who can bring you healing and HOPE!


Let’s enjoy a winter season with JOY! Some of us have to work harder at it than others, but get your brain refreshed fill up on dopamine and rejoice in life even in the hard times! It can be done…trust me!

Love deeper, talk sweeter, and ENJOY THE RIDE HOME,