Leftover Turkey? Or Chicken? We’ve Got You Covered

This sandwich is amazing with your leftover turkey or chicken meals! I tell you it is just all around goodness. Oogie gooey goodness! Like most things we make it really comes down to the sauce or what you cover your food with. Main meals to desserts it’s all about the sauce! One thing for sure, it isn’t for ones on a diet. The buns we use alone are just plain awesome! Hope you enjoy this wonderful sandwich for lunch or a main meal. ENJOY!!!! Sandwich for two You will need: Buns or Penne bread Choice of your leftover turkey or chicken 1 Tablespoon Orange Marmalade or (Apricot is amazing too) 1 Tablespoon of Mayo (not Miracle Whip) 1 Tablespoon of Dijon Mustard

Mix your three M’s!

Directions: Wire whip together, marmalade, mayo, and Dijon in a bowl and set aside while you heat up your meat and buns. Get your cast iron grill hot and place a tablespoon of butter in pan. If you want the grill look, you can use a grill pan.  This especially looks great if you’re using a penne type bread. And are using the Penne Maker. Make sure it is well greased. Place buns on pan and heat until buns are slightly crispy.

Sauce spread onto your bun

Remove your buns and place on your serving plate leaving bread open faced up. Using your sauce mixture spread on both sides of your buns. Layer your meat on top of sauce and put a little more on top of the meat if you like. Close up a sandwich and serve with your favorite fruit or a nice ripe avocado with lime.

Have more sauce on top to make it even gooier!

Adding cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, or any other of your favorite sandwich layers, just adds more goodness as well as refreshing taste. You will need a napkin for this meal! It is messy! But OOOOH so yummy! I hope you find this as enjoyable as we do! Love deeper, talk sweeter, Lee