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Mitchy Mo Updates

January 19, 2022

Anniversary Picture! November 2021 One Year Out!

The above picture brings me joy! Mitch is doing better each day getting stronger and trying desperately to get back to normal. He has one more procedure to go through and we were hoping it would of been done before Christmas but it didn’t happen. But now we have a date, end of February to get this thing fixed! The procedure is a stent to place in the bowel area to help it flow well. This has been an issue since transplant but doctors have been holding off hoping it would repair itself. Not so much. In fact, it could get his liver in trouble again. The world of sickness and the health care issues has delayed this farther than need be, but once again, the Lord’s timing is perfect, not ours!

The hardest part of the waiting has been Mitch can’t really feel like he can move forward. He wants to be secure in a job he loves and not have so many days he doesn’t feel well. As you read this, pray for the Lord to give him direction and strength to find his purpose. A girl in his life would also be awesome, but we believe the Lord has that too! HA! (He will not like this for sure)

February 21st is his surgery…PRAY it gets DONE and he recovers quickly!

From the fullness of grace we have received one blessing after another.

John 1:1

Our 2021 verse!

THANK YOU all for continuing to pray for this young lad…God’s got him for sure!

A brand new beginning in a journey forever changing all of us…October 31, 2021

A brand new beginning in a journey forever changing all of our lives this day will be like a birthday yearly celebrated! (full story scroll down to see day to day journaling of his journey)

October 31, 2020, Mitch got a call from the main transplant center out east that a donor with his match was available. A donor who was incarcerated and young in Mitch’s age bracket. Imagine…hearing you will be going into the most risky of surgeries in a few hours receiving a gift from one who died in prison. Some call it a gift of life, yes…but I think of it as freedom. Freedom from a jail cell to giving an opportunity for another to be free from pain, rejection, and dying. Freedom…what a word of HOPE!

And you will know the Truth and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

January 24, 2020, celebrating 23 years with his first liver at camp Shaminaeu

I don’t think any one of us will forget this evening! The cold, snow, WIND at 40-60 mph, staying up late, laughing, and then the sudden movement from the call to pack quickly. Everyone stepped up to the plan set in place. Who would be responsible for ranch, dogs, home, ours and Mitch’s, and rushed to their duties getting keys and instruction notes. In the rushing as we all packed up. I recall Dan being 2 hours behind us as he loaded up other things in preparing to be gone for at least a month, and not knowing his hug with Mitch would be the last for 26 days. WOW! Because only one visitor was allowed and in 2 weeks NO ONE was allowed, Dan didn’t get those special times with his son. He would only be able to see him via facetime. Breaks my heart all over again…but the Lord knew…even in the trauma of November 1, at 8:30am…

8 of these of lost blood

Wrap your head around this…8 of those orange jugs, 5 gallons each, of lost blood in Mitch in just 2 hours time! Mitch lost 40 gallons of blood! 40! And they were trying to stop it. The minutes and hours in that day were like eternity…waiting…will they be able to stop it and continue with the transplant or will they need to stop?

I have never felt prayer so intense as this day…as indeed Dan and I could no longer pray…we wept and slept…exhausted.


If you suffer from anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and fear, JESUS is the answer! Dan and I and a HOST of family and friends felt the same way as we waited out to see how the Lord would work. EVERYDAY you will face a situation which will cause a reaction of one of the above and it may lead into days, months, and years…but it doesn’t have to. CRY OUT to Jesus as I promise you IT WORKS! When you are in a moment of any of the above words, think 5. Name out what you see and be thankful. Name what you hear, be thankful, touch be thankful, smell and taste, be thankful. Immediately THINK AND THANK 5…by doing so you will feel those feelings turn to peace. We did…that day and the next 365 days and you know what? It works so well, we will continue everyday…we even made a chalk board!

Our journey isn’t over. Never will be until either Jesus returns or takes us home. Until then we will choose to live life with a thankful, joyful heart. Just a note…if the Lord would of chosen to take Mitch home, grieving is much needed and the Lord allowed us to grieve. He grieved so it is important to take the time to grieve. Being thankful for a loss is also healing…again…I’ve been there too.

God’s blessings upon you! Happy 2nd Liver Birthday Mitch!!!! 2nd Liver…2nd chances! Love you rock star!!!!

August 25

Saturday we got word Mitch was in significant rejection. He went into St. Joes for a 2 hour infusion of steroids followed by 2 more for the next 2 days. We traveled once again to visit his surgeon which has been on the calendar for months. Praise the Lord she said all is working and his numbers are getting to where they need be!

What a nerve racking few days! Plus something got my hand on Monday causing major pain and swelling! The whole trip yesterday and last night have been intense pain! Never have I had something this painful! SO typing this and getting word out to all you prayer warriors has been a challenge, but updating is important to us.

The other concern for Mitch was a possible hernia but she didn’t seem to think his pain or lump on the scar area was a hernia yet they will keep an eye out for it. Overall a great answer to prayer and good visit.

THANK YOU ALL, for lifting Mitch up! What a journey! Now…packing my hand in ice praying this heals soon!

August 21, 2021

Thursday we headed down for Mitch’s biopsy. We like to make it fun but it was hard as traffic was a big issue and the heat exhausted us both. We did make a stop for of course some junk food. (I hope his doc’s don’t read this blog)

Fries and a malt…yum!

The next morning Mitch walked to his first 2 appt. at a clinic close by. We are fortunate when we get this hotel as it is close to clinic and hospital plus a lot of places to eat. Covid test which is needed for every procedure and Ultrasound. He came to get me and we headed to the hospital for the biopsy. By the time he was headed in the covid test came back negative so they could proceed. Good thing! Mitch hates these white boards as his mom just can’t seem to leave them blank. Because his covid was not back yet we had to be in a private room…with an empty white board…so a message was left…You are loved…Jesus.


This afternoon Mitch called with the doc’s nurse on the line stating Mitch is in significant rejection. He needs to have 3 infusions of steroids and prednisone for the next 3 days. Kinzey was working at in town so she stayed with him the first round which was sweet bringing him some dinner and I am sure they are having some laughs. The St. Joe’s emergency room holds haunting memories for all of us, but important to release the bad and bring on the joy!

Mitch sure needs your prayers for this to work and the liver to function normally again! We head to an appt. on Tuesday with his surgeon and hope more info at well. Our Jesus is riding this storm with us once again never leaving us or forsaking us JUST AS HE PROMISED! HIS word is active and working for us all!

August 17, 2021. Summer almost through…Mitch doing so well…but hit a bump!

Hum…devotion with Dan about worry last weekend and on Sunday we get a sermon on the passage from the Sermon on the Mount…Matthew 6:25-34 and one of my favorite verses as the congregation was asked to write out on paper your worries, crumple it up and then approach the alter where there was a net and CAST those worries into it.

“Cast your anxiety on HIM because He cares for you.”

1 Peter 5:7

YES, YES, AND YES!!! When we worry to be disciplined enough in the VERY moment of anxiety to crumble up that worry and CAST into the very palm of our Lord’s hands WINS every time! WHY?

Because when we worry we carry a weight we can not change or fix, so I MUST obey His word for the very sake of my mind and soul to give me peace. So today…I cast once again the junk thrown at Mitch with battling his health and indeed peace is surrounding me!

Praise God Dan and Mitch got away for a few days and enjoyed the north shore!

We got word today Mitch’s CMV virus is back. If you recall it is a virus the donor carried and it is an ugly virus which takes meds and months to get rid of. Because of Mitch’s many surgeries and other procedures during the winter he had to remain on the med which also causes his white blood cell count to drop. In late July, they were able to finally take him off the med as it was showing very little signs of being in his body. BUT, in the last week it is creeping it’s ugly head back into his body. Plus his liver #’s have risen enough they want to do a biopsy.

On Friday Mitch is scheduled to go in to have the biopsy if he passes the covid test. (Hate that word) We have to head back down there on Tuesday to see his favorite doctor, surgeon who did the transplant so it will be a busy week.

Mitch is doing well otherwise. Still working a couple of days at Camp Shamineau and enjoying his companion Sky.

He wants normal but hangs onto the days he is doing well.

My arms are getting tired of CASTING…but I have peace my Jesus isn’t tired of catching!

Thank you all for praying and trusting…and casting!


WOW…June 30, 2021…Mitch is doing great! Not perfect, but on his way! Praise the Lord!

Mitch and Sky

I am so sorry we have not kept up with you all on this young man, but our spring is alway busy getting the ranch ready and open and if you have stayed close to us you know we added 2 more horses to the herd. A big move and of course a ton of work.

In the mean time, Mitch has battled only one staple and that is his nausea. He is now experiencing virago as well which hopefully with time and chiropractic treatments he will feel better. He continues to improve with his lab work and the docs really don’t have too much to say other than, KEEP IT UP! We do of course continue to pray for him to keep healthy in his eating habits and med taking. It is a lot to adjust especially for such a young guy. We are SO thankful he has Sky to keep him busy and entertained. It’s lonely when you can’t work full time or have the energy to do the things you love in the summer. Keep praying for him as the Lord leads. WOW, what faithfulness our Jesus is!

March 12, 2021

It’s been too long since I wrote last so I thought I would catch all our prayer warriors and faithful friends up on what’s up with Mitch.

The last week has been the first good week Mitch has had in many months! PRAISE THE LORD!

On Saturday, Mitch went back to his old job which he lost a year ago to volunteer in the kitchen. It was mens’ retreat weekend which was awesome as he saw some old friends and caught up with many staff.

Scott McCall and Mitch

How amazing he could get through and enjoy socializing once again! WOW! Just makes us feel encouraged to see some improvement! Then on Monday, I invited him to help me at the Freedom Ranch a home being built for trafficked girls. They needed volunteers so together we headed there for the morning. Again, he was able to get through with energy and strength! Haven’t seen this smile and happiness in a loooonnng time!

Our next adventure was just yesterday as we celebrate life together in creating a new memory from this date that has been a rocky road for the past 2 years. It is the anniversary of Dan’s breakdown, thank God only a few months to Kinzey’s experiencing some of the same issues due to her job. I flew out there to bring her home which she was on her way in a month or so, but needed to speed up the process and move back to Minnesota after 8 years! She is a whole new gal now! So we decided this year we would go out for dinner as usual, and go Axe Throwing! YEP, it was quite the experience and we had a blast! Last year was laser tag but they were closed so we HAD to find something compatible…I think we AXED it!

To say the least, Mitch is looking and feeling a bit better. Does he have some concerning issues? Yes, but the surgeons are staying on top of things and at least his vomiting has slowed down and bellyaches. His white blood cell count is dangerously low as they say, but he does go in for shots to give it a boost. He is still battling this CMV thing messing with meds and blood work and hoping this will pass soon! Mitch does have to go down to the U again next week for a few tests. The concern for rejection is still a possibility.

Praising the Lord today for ALL He has done!! Thank you all for continued prayers on this journey!

February 8, 2021

This is how it feels to be free…

Becoming a favorite prayer spot, the bay window in the rooms

It is so cold outside! -22 this morning and walking from the hotel to the hospital was brutal! I would so rather be doing chores. What is that? I can be working at the ranch in the same temperatures and love it and walking to the hospital same amount of time and hate every minute of it. I think it’s the surroundings. I am not a city girl any more and the COLDNESS of the buildings, puffy smoke coming out of them, and people not really friendly or a fake friendly must be the cause. At least I get happy nays, purring kittens,  running happy dogs, and the calmness of the northern breeze that greet me on the ranch. 

Today I came into Mitch’s room and pain in his belly is still prominent from this C Diff thing. It stems from the antibiotics and ironically it’s antibiotics that get rid of it. Really doesn’t make sense. Guess what they asked him if he was on? YEP, probiotic!!! Which is what I HIGHLY recommended but they didn’t want him on it with the transplant now it’s ok…geez… A good reminder, we all carry this in our bodies so if you don’t’ want incredible belly pain in your colon, take care of it and get on a supplement of a good probiotic…Mitch is so uncomfortable…but the good news, it isn’t a reason to keep him so they are sending him home today! YEAH!!! A whole week really has taken a toll on the boy. The doc suggested he go back to work. I looked at him and said a job won’t hold him if they can’t count on him as he has had so many ins and outs of hospital stays. He understood I think. But we talked about him volunteering and at least getting out, trying to be normal, and doing something. So as soon as this c diff pain subsides which will take the week most likely, he will aim for getting out and into life again! We all can pray for this transition! The doc also stated how concerned he is about the liver as it has rejected more than they like to see. His words, “ I want this liver to work!” Mitch is being kept a close eye on all that is going on and is in good hands. He does have to see his surgeon next week, and I offered if she could come to us so we don’t have to travel again. He laughed and said, “that’s up to her! She does like to ice fish!” so we’ll see. We may be entertaining a surgeon and her family, 4-year twins and a 6 yr old. Yesterday was a good day with Mitch. We enjoyed walks and sat by the river. A favorite spot 24 years ago and still is today. We played many rounds of Kings in the Corner, he won all of them but one. And some laughs from me putting messages on his whiteboard.  Which are below! I love to make him smile and laugh even though it hurts…love his smile! So we are now at home, dropped him off the puppy and all and he will try normal for a bit! Praying always for peace and continued improvement of a much-complicated transplant.

Look at the FYI

February 6, 2021

Well, well, well, I think Mitch is feeling if he is at the bottom of a hole and getting out seems like never! Wells are deep. They are scary, dark, damp, and cold. But one thing about them…when you LOOK UP…there is LIGHT!

Mitch’s pup Sky, Nugget, and Cruz

Look up…there is always Light

All week Mitch has been in the hospital getting an answer on one issue and then a blood test number will go wacky and they keep him and find something else. He was just about ready to head home yesterday, Friday when his hemoglobin rose and he needed a transfusion. Now this morning I was prepping the house for my man to come home and pack up food for Mitch (and getting excited about being free from puppy duty) when the docs got on the video chat stating he may have C diff plus his bilirubin went up to 1.7 and they want to do another biopsy.

Yep, indeed all of us were feeling disappointed of course Mitch is miserable with belly pain and still fighting bloating and a mess of issues. For Dan and I we decided he needed a break and decided I would drive down and take over mother day and he head back to the homestead. So like 2 ships in the day, we met in the middle, quick kiss and was SO wanting time with each other, but it was SOO cold out we threw our stuff in the cars and switched. Said our good-bys and one went south and one went north.

I arrived to a peppy boy but it went down hill and by the time visiting hours were over Mitch was not feeling well. Oh man, a mama’s heart hurts for him tonight!

We are studying Genesis this year and in 16 verse 13-14 a woman so desperate for renewal and hope was brought to a well by the Lord and He met her there The Lord sees us in our trouble and meets us. This well is called, ‘The One who sees me.” This well we are in seems deep, but we all will continue to look UP and KNOW He sees us! Thank you for praying! Especially that this isn’t another rejection!

February 4, 2021

Back to pink so guess who is writing?

So Dan and Mitch have been bonding…and Mitch’s hemoglobin came down and his esophagus has a tare from all his vomiting so he is spending another night at Hotel U with a beautiful bag of blood for a transfusion and eating lightly. We are praying Mitch can come home before the weekend. Weekends are always difficult in the hospital plus he’s ready.

Continued prayers thank you…we love you and your faithfulness!

PS… Dan and I have been working diligently on getting this new fundraiser going in May. Kinda hard when so much is going on with Mitch, but we got ur done! I attached it in another email Feel free to pass it to friends and family you know that golf or would love to join us! Maybe Mitch can start the match! How fun that will be!

February 3, 2021

Switching to Blue for Dad.

The procedure was completed and they did not find an obstruction! They did remove a small piece that was explained as a clot part about the size of a dime. Changing meds and getting some sleep as we are together in the hospital room. Waiting on the next step to see if we can go home today or not. Guess not! Another night in the Cities-

They put him on a clear full diet to see how he does through the night. When rounds come tomorrow we will see if he can go on a “normal” diet and see how that goes. Pray he does not get sick or develop any other issues. More updates tomorrow. Thank you prayer warriors:)

On the way up to 7A, the transplant floor, 6 or 7 of the nurses shouted his name and welcomed him and at the same time were sad to see him. Felt like we walked into “Cheers”. Scary when everyone knows your name at the hospital!

2-2 Tuesday

Mitch had a tough night in the ER. There is a loudspeaker in every room so they get every call for all rooms! Not a place to sleep!! He has not had anything to eat for 18 hours. They don’t want him to eat (NPO) till they figure if they are going to do a procedure or not. 3:45pm still no plan and Mitch has not had anything to eat. We told them we need an answer by 4:30pm. 4:32pm the GI doctor comes in and has the plan to scope his stomach and see what is going on. This will be Wednesday am. Still nothing to eat until after that procedure. At this point you think of how Jesus did it. 40 days without food!

Matthew 4:1-2

4 Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted[a] by the devil. 2 After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. 

It puts a new perspective on being hungry! How hungry are we for the word of God? He can satisfy our needs by feeding us His words if we open up (The bible), eat (Read HIS words) and digest (Put into practice) what HE has to say.

February 2, 2021

I changed the color to pink. I love this time of year looking forward to spring but loving the warmer temps. (at least for today as below zero approaches in a few days) But I also love this time of year as I love the holiday, Valentine’s Day. I always have! My dad made it very special for me growing up surprising me with a snoopy gift of some kind and always a small box of snoopy chocolates which Fleet Farm still sells today. It’s just a wonderful month to celebrate love, encouragement, and HOPE. A perfect time to share the gift of Jesus’ sacrifice for us truly the greatest gift of LOVE!

Job one of the godly men who suffered so much, a man of complete integrity, said this, “ I know my Redeemer lives, and HE will stand upon the earth at last.” Job 19:25 To have such faith IN so much suffering! God’s word strengthens my soul and assures me giving me firm confidence I can say the same thing. Jesus does LIVE inside anyone who chooses to accept HIS greatest sacrifice and gift of LOVE! His AMAZING Love! (one of my favorite songs below)

Mitch had been vomiting all weekend again and transplant decided they wanted him back. Dan’s turn! As I passed the baton to Dan, he and Mitch are having “guy time”. Mitch was in ER all night as no beds were available. He is now 2 weeks negative on the covid test so he can now go to his floor, transplant floor when a bed becomes open. I was told that should be soon, sometime this morning. He is getting IV fluids and anti-nausea drips which will help a ton! He was extremely dehydrated when Dan dropped him off and the ER would not give him any water until he was seen by a doctor, which was TWO hours later! To say the least, we will be having conversations with some folks today once again. But we are thankful he is in a good place and on the floor that knows him best! Until later today after a series of tests I will update again or Dan will. THANK YOU for praying everyone! God is GOOD! Sing HIS praises with us and worship our KING!

January 26, 2021

Mitch went in at noon. Trying to post a video.

Well, that didn’t work, the internet at this hotel is awful! Anyway what a day! We walked over to the hospital which was a bit brisk but felt good to move. At least I thought so, Mitch was hoping to be dropped off, have me come back and drop the car off and walk over but NO I said let’s walk.

As we waited for ins and outs of pre op, Mitch got a bit cranky. Mostly because of no eating for such along time but all this is catching up to him. The constant med changes and carrying around a bag full of meds and organizing them, to being in the hospital so much. The pricks for IV’s, constant questions, and a bit of worry of it all has brought him to a place of much sadness. As much as I try to be encouraging and getting his thoughts on Above he spirals into negative ones. SO pray for him and to bring some joy back in!

I sat in the hotel working on cards and the 3 hours was up for the procedure. Another 2 hours and I decided to work on my BSF. Guess what? It was on patience, then promises, and faithful prayer. HUM. Good thing being in God’s word brings the mind to HIS thoughts and trusting and because faith is all I get in the wait. At 5:45 the Dr. called stating all went really well! PRAISE THE LORD I spoke out loud! She agreed. So well they didn’t have to put the stent or stint in place. It held it’s own. She said Mitch should be feeling much better with the flow running smoothly. Again, hum, I wonder if this is all a part of the above? Time will tell. It got to be too late for me to go visit him as visiting hours is over at 6:30 so I hope I get a ring a ding before I go to sleep . If not, I will see him in the morning. He will be overnight for sure and possibly another night. They will let me know in the morning. For now, he rests knowing one more procedure is checked off and pray for full recovery!

Mask bandits below…I changed mine for the attitude thing…

“Isaac pleaded with the LORD on behalf of his wife, because she was unable to have children. The LORD answered Isaac’s prayer and Rebekah became pregnant with twins.” Genesis 25: 21

Prayer works that’s all I know for sure! And MORE than what we ask!

January 20

He’s on his way HOME!!!!! Not without more to come or some new daily medications and injections, but at least he will be home!

He spent the morning learning how to do the injections and a short time after the training he was told he doesn’t need to do the insulin as his blood levels looked good. Praise the Lord! But he still has to do the injection for the blood thinner until his procedure next Tuesday.

Easting last night and hoping for release in the morning.

The procedure on Tuesday is to expand a vein that has been causing poor blood flow. The doctor stated this has been going on for years and is causing several issues plus could be the result of him going into liver failure this round. Long story short without all the medical jumbo a stint will be put in to help the blood flow from the liver to his heart. They will be going in through the spleen which can be risky but the doctor seemed rather confident in her experiences. He most likely will be there overnight to keep an eye on him for maybe two nights. The good news, they are allowing one constant visitor!

Another awesome news is his weight restrictions are normal which means for us…FREEDOM FROM THIS THING! (at least until Tues.)

We are all anxious for some normalcy!

Lord Jesus, thank you for protecting our boy, keeping him safe in travel, and giving wisdom to doctors to continue to bring Mitch to FULL healing! THANK YOU JESUS for our faithful prayer warriors! We love you!

Just may need to have a special