Ranch Life

Our Daughter’s Journey

Life is hard. Life brings many twists and turns. But when we have a HOPE which is eternal life everlasting, we can get through it all!

Our daughter Kinzey is a police officer. She has had this dream since she was 12 years old when NCIS began its series. She loved the show. Actually we all did. Every Tuesday we would have a special dinner, set up the theater room to get all comfy, and watch together the show which drove her to her career. We even visited the NCIS in Washington where the dream intensified. We loved it and believe it or not…still do!

She chose her college at Liberty U in Virginia which landed her the job when she graduated in the city of Richmond. A city that changed our little girl. A city where life is much different than the ranch life style. A city which being a police officer became a war zone.

16 and dreaming of future with law enforcement
Living her dream

Kinzey had been an active officer for over three years when she was involved in a shooting, where a colleague was shot in the face and died. She was one of the first on the scene and with the trauma came guilt and blame. So young to face such a tragic event. How many military men and women face the same thing on the field? How many other occupations that put their lives on the line see and experience such tragedy that lives in their minds forever? MANY! MANY! So many in fact the mental health industry is at its highest peak. More depression, anxiety, and suicide than ever before. Truly our world is a tougher place.

On March 26th, Kinzey and I packed up and loaded her car to head back home. Home. A simpler life, quieter country scene, and a slower pace. After almost 6 years it was time as we could see life as an officer in a city was taking a tole on her.

Even in a sling she works the horses!

She had been just getting settled into her new place when her brother, dad, and her decision to go for a dirt bike ride. As dirt biking can be, she took a pretty bad spill and hurt her legs and shoulder pretty bad. She had just applied for a part-time job as the other job did not pan out which we thought maybe a good thing for now. Her life once again was being tested and challenging yet her attitude is so much different. WHY? Simply being at home. Surrounded by family and friends, she is getting the support that she didn’t have back in Virginia.

What a difference life can be when you have loved ones surrounding you in times of trouble. Getting her faith back on track and being home has made a world of difference. HOPE is always on the way! And her Lord is with her every step, fall, and memory.

Even though she is injured she took some time with the horses and I took a video of the session. Amazing how the horses know when we hurt. In our brokenness, the Lord uses this time to heal not just us physically, but spiritually as well.

Horses are wonderful at helping us deal with life issues!