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Our New Kitchen Love At First Sight?

From Rags…

Back in February 2019, almost a year, we started remodeling which began with ripping out our carpet and adding hardwood floors, to gutting the whole kitchen and redoing everything in it. At first, I didn’t want to do the cabinets but the cabinet maker, also a friend, said if you’re going to do the lower ones and add an island, you kinda need to match it all up. So here we go!

Old living room/kitchen
living room looking into the kitchen

To Riches…

Complete…well…you know…
Love the barn wood! So beautiful!

Dan just got the Barnwood counter placed last week. It is gorgeous and we feel we live in a million-dollar home! At first when we sat in the living room looking at the kitchen it was hard to love. It took so much time to get it to where it is and of course many frustrated moments. Isn’t this the case in most remodels? Dan and I were truly hoping not when we decided to dive into the project, but the trials came anyway. Oh well…it’s done and we are thankful!

We can’t set anything on the counter for a couple of weeks as it is still curing but I can wait. I’ve waited almost a year, might as well make it an official year from start to finish! We still have lighting to do and Dan is in the process of building log stools with backs and arms so it should be a cozy setting. We love it! It fits who we are…country and simple!

You can see more details in another blog post here.

As always home is a never-ending project but we love doing it especially in this season of our lives.

Love deeper, talk sweeter,

Lee and hard-working Dan