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Support…Truly A Gift

Dan and I have longed to have our big equipment be covered as the expense of these machines aren’t cheap so taking care of them is much needed. Over the past year, we have been praying about how this could happen and where. It dawned on me one day our hay shelter has room either side to add a lean-to. So I asked Dan about it. He looked at it and just like that…we had an idea to use this space to “hide” and protect much of this loose equipment. Next hurdle…money. We continued to pray…

And as Dan was sharing how he would build this he asked a friend who is experienced in building some suggestions. This man jumped at not only building it but paying for it ALLLLLL as well! Only JESUS provides like this! Truly…a gift!

Men at work for the Lord

I made a fun lunch for them using my homemade hummus. A little worried they wouldn’t like the healthy eating…but gave it a shot. They loved it! Plus a full mason jar full of Truvy Heart and Hydration drink which is full of electrolytes, like drinking Gatorade but MUCH better for you. You can try the variety pack here.

Here is the recipe for the wrap and hummus.

If you are an energy drinker, ask me how to improve your health by getting the boost, but not bad caffeine. Truvy has a wonderful NEW product that TRULY is wonderful especially for those early mornings or jobs which you need a boost. Here is the product if you want to check it out. Comes in 3 flavors. I highlighted the Cucumber/Mint, but feel free to add what you like. SOOOO delicious! And hydrates as well! What energy drink does that? NONE!

Another 4 legged friend

Our little Tigger has not been back from her adventures in the wild for over 2 weeks so we decided to add another little one to help keep Mousy company. Meet Moon…a female rescue…

Sorry for the poor image…she’s a skittish one.

More to come

They guys are still at work finishing this project as rain and sessions delayed them. One thing which is hard doing big projects in the summer is our heavy schedule of kids and IS our priority no matter what else is important to get done. Working around the sessions is a must. I will post the finished look soon, I hope!

God’s blessings upon you…

Love deeper, talk sweeter,



Ranch Life
Ranch life is living a life that uses as much of what the Lord provides as possible. Letting our horses live in an environment with natural trees, no halters, blankets, or shoes. Allowing them to eat wondering the pasture keeping constant movement and providing as much of a “wild like” life. It’s taking care of woods, planting a garden, and even a special herb garden we call, “thyme out” pasture for both human and horses to get what their bodies need. It’s taking the natural herbs and flowers the Lord provides and use it to keep our bodies and home healthy using it for tinctures, oils, skin care, cooking, and our favorite, afternoon tea. Whether we need the herbs to keep healthy or to use instead of modern medicine we do all we can to use the “ranch life” in keeping our world simple. Dan and I work every day on the ranch. Besides the daily chores of the “have to” things like feeding the animals, cleaning up the manure, hauling wood, and basic care, we also take time to keep the area clean. We make sure that brush is picked up and trees that are dead taken down and of course keeping the buildings picked up as well. We always have things to do, but we enjoy every minute of being outside and enjoying the simple days. We take time to ride as often as we can and before the ride is time for bonding with our horses. Building our relationship with them and doing our favorite training of liberty work and playing in the obstacle playground. We love this time. Each of us being a partner with our horse and building confidence in each other.  The time we spend on the ground prepares us for a relaxing and great ride through the woods. Because the Lord provided this ranch…we desired to share it with others. With ones especially that are living a life that isn’t so awesome and peaceful. We desire to use this place of peace to bring hope and healing to ones who suffer from trauma to relationship issues.  This place is not ours, it belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ and to share his message of Hope thought this place is humbling. Lastly, Dan and I love to create! We love doing crafty things that include wood, card making, and sewing, but we really enjoy the creative outlet of making the ranch look unique. Our fence is specifically created to see the horses when they run and also see a beautiful line of trees. We created a beautiful log round pen where our ministry is focused. Our outhouse is adorable and has character and inviting to those who may not want to go inside. From the moment you enter our driveway, you enter a place of peace. That is what we strive for all who come and visit!