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Using Essential Oils for Your Pets

Using Essential Oils for Your Pets couldn’t be easier and a healthier alternative for everyday needs or those occasional scrapes and bruises.

We love our animals! We hate it when they’re hurting! Using essential oils and making changes in our home environment can be the first step to keep our pets healthy!

Here is a wonderful link to Dr. Z’s book and well as another link to an article that can help you get started and feel more confident in using essential oils with your pets.

Essential oils roller recipes
AMAZING and cheap too!

Of course, I recommend Rocky Mountain Oils, free shipping in the US PLUS they offer so many discounts, rewards, and more.

Using essential oils with Pets

What I found the most fascinating was the info on household items, even TV and internet connections. Our animals are sensitive to this stuff.

Essential Oil Vet – Janet Roark, DVM is on Facebook and has a website as well that is awesome! She is wonderful at handling our pets in the most natural way possible. I would suggest contacting her if you have any questions.

Until next time…make sure you take care of your pets the way you take care of yourself and your family!
They’re worth it! Every day is a SPA day for our beloved pets, right?
essential oils for pets
That spa juice, not alcohol! HA!

Keepin’ our home and ones, we love healthy and happy!

God bless your week!
Love deeper, talk sweeter,
Our pets:

Nugget and Bokoda

We use essential OILS ON OUR HORSES ALL the time. For clearing abscess, back issues, anxiety, rain rot, you name it, oils are used instead of any medications. We have had these boys for 14 years and they are healthy and happy the natural way!

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Essential oils for pets