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When to Plant Seeds Indoors and Outdoors

When to Plant Seeds Indoors and Outdoors a map to help you get started.

It’s February here in Minnesota and even though the temperatures are not warm I am in the mood to start planning my gardens. We do have several around the ranch and our home so making a plan is important. Some gardens will be vegetables, other herbs, and other flowers with a mix of herbs. Each one is in different areas of sun and shade so yep, this takes some time.

Garden Bed

If you want to check out my beginning stages of a special herb garden around our ranch, The Thyme Out pasture was a fun and creative way we use herbs to teach kids and adults! Love, LOVE this area!

I came across a great chart to map out when to start my seeds indoors. I do like to start these in our home early because we have such a short growing season. I have a variety of ways I start my seeds using only the BEST organic seeds. True Leaf Market. Truly a wonderful company and they provide so much more to get any gardener started. New of seasoned!

One important need when starting your seeds in the soil. Again love this product and gets my mixture ready to help my seedlings do well. Compressed Coconut Coir and Omri Potting soil. Of course, manure is our base.

This chart really helped me! Look how early onions are! But when you want a good crop, starting early helps.

Below is our MN great temps and late to plant outdoor season. I especially like to pull my garden beds in July and replant for fall harvest time. This way you get leafy greens which freeze easy too.

The last one is watermelon

I went to our state University to get this info if you want to go directly to the link. They have a TON of info!

So much fun and with a little planning and work your gardens will be flourishing! Enjoy!

Love deeper, talk sweeter,