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Why is Cardamom Such A Big Deal?

The spice Cardamom has been used for centuries to help with many health needs. A wonderful spice used for sweet baking can now be applied to a sweet immune boost. Using the essential oil will give you even more benefits!

Basically, cardamom essential oil is extracted from the steam distillation process where the seeds of Elettaria cardamom are used. Cardamom has been used for various purposes including the perfumery, aromatherapy, and dishes. My favorite…cookies! The therapeutic properties include the following: – carminative, antioxidant, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, digestive, and diuretic. Here’s what I love! Top 10 benefits for your health.

Lower Blood Pressure

Cardamom essential oil is perfect for various health concerns, where it’s beneficial for lowering down high blood pressure. In research, it was found that when cardamom was given to the adults, it provided amazing results. It was found that it lowered down the blood pressure level to a greater extent. Cardamom also has antioxidant properties which is helpful in reducing blood pressure. 

Chronic Diseases

Cardamom contains anti-inflammatory compounds that are beneficial for long-term inflammation issues. As we know that due to long-term inflammation, there could be chances of chronic diseases. Furthermore, antioxidants in the cardamom can be helpful to protect the cells from being damaged.

Digestive Issues

Cardamom is a spice that can be beneficial for various health concerns and can relieve discomfort, nausea, and digestion related problems. Furthermore, it’s good for providing relief from stomach problems as well as has the potential for healing ulcers. Applying essential oil to the area around the stomach and chest will may be helpful and reduce issues.

Stinky Breath?

Cardamom is sometimes used for treating bad breath, and considered good for improving oral health. Add a drop to your toothpaste or warm water or coconut oil.

Cough/Sore Throat

Cardamom essential oil is perfect for cold and flu, and it’s the finest natural remedy for sore throat. It reduces the inflammation of the throat. 

Blood Thinner

Cardamom can be useful in preventing blood clots. The clots can be harmful as they can block arteries. Also, this is better for lowering blood pressure and can improve blood circulation. Cardamom essential oil has a pleasing and soothing smell, and when inhaled, it brings relief from the stress and boost the circulation.

Stress and Anxiety Reliever

Cardamom essential oil is wonderful for nervous tension and increasing concentration. Its pleasing fragrance can calm nerves, as well as can influence the brain’s limbic system. It can ease the stress to a greater extent, and keep you calm, focused, and energized.


The cardamom essential oil contains the antiseptic properties which are perfect for the cleanse and disinfect the skin. There are many cardamom essential oil benefits for skin, including its antibacterial property, which is helpful for healing breakouts and clearing out blemishes. 


Cardamom essential oil helps in strengthening hair and regulating energy metabolism. Cardamom essential oil application has antiseptic, and antioxidant properties; therefore it’s advantageous for dandruff. Add 3-4 drops in your DIY shampoo and enjoy!

Check to make sure

You always want to do a skin test with any oil if you are sensitive and if ingesting check with a homeopathic provider to make sure it is good for you. We all react differently and being a natural remedy no one can be too cautious!

I personally love diffusing this oil and applying it topically. I use the spice if I want to add to my tea blends for an extra boost of health especially with a cold and cough. Adding the cardamom essential oil to my DIY skin and hair products is SO amazing! I LOVE THE SMELL! Also, check out the deodorant! WOW!

Enjoy all the benefits of this amazing oil!

Love deeper, talk sweeter,