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Wood Crafts for Trading Post

Wood Crafts for our Trading Post for the upcoming Harvest Hoedown!

Only a few days away from our 2nd annual Harvest Hoedown at True North Ranch, and we have a load of crafts to prepare for the event. Dan and I have had a blast making some of the crafts together which we really haven’t ever done before and we think they turned out pretty darn good!

Since Dan’s awful spring setback, this one thing has made a HUGE difference in his overall mental health. As he has grasped the reason for his breakdown and forgave himself as well as his abuser and many other things, doing things with his hands again made him feel energized once again.

Dan and I at the rodeo.
One of our favorites!

Dan Gets Creative with His Craft

Lately, with the ranch in sessions, all summer left little time to do things we love. I really never get a chance to do my crafting until the winter months, but for Dan, he took many days to create and dream up some amazing projects to sell at the trading post. Below are some pictures for you to see and a link to the website for products that don’t sell at the hoedown.

Dan bought me a Cricut Maker which is the foundation of all the product letters and design. We have the Cricut Design Space membership which I think is a no-brainer! Really…the ideas to fonts to you name it, it’s all there!

I love my man…and am eternally grateful my Jesus gave him back to me! Whole, renewed, and on fire to serve HIM!

Just a few highlighted items…

Go to to see these items and email us if you would like to purchase one or two or…remember all items sold goes back into our ministry to help kids in need of hope and healing!

Our emotional mental health ride was no joke! If you are depressed or are thinking of suicide, this is serious and you need to talk to someone. If you know of someone who has talked about suicide, PLEASE hear them and give them resources and even call for them if need be. Mental health is rising and suicide is at an all-time high! CLICK HERE for information. 

Love deeper, talk sweeter, and enjoy the RIDE HOME,